Sometimes, our ladies are despicable, sometimes they’re just a bit naughty, and sometimes, you sort of see where they’re coming from. Such is the case of a sex worker in Zimbabwe, who beat a man after he asked her if he could pay for her services with a boiled egg.

Image: Buloway24
Image: Buloway24

The man’s name is Moses Mushonga, and he’s a 28-year-old cheapskate of epic proportions. He apparently walked up to the woman, who has been identified only as Chipo, 23, and requested she have sex with him. He said in return for the liaison, he’d give her one boiled egg. Not even a dozen!

chipo-boobNot only did he make this insulting lowball request, but he was also photographed grabbing Chipo’s right boob. She responded by bashing him in the head with a beer bottle, then socking him right in the face. Mushonga passed out and awoke covered in blood.

According to Mushonga, he had just spent the last of his funds on two boiled eggs and had already eaten one himself. While Mushonga went around telling reporters that Chipo could have just told him no without all the violence, Chipo said he was a man who needed to learn some respect. Let’s not forget that Mushonga also grabbed her boob without permission. Police must have agreed with Chipo, as Chipo was not charged in the incident. From one woman to another, good for you, Chipo!

If you’re wondering what the going rate for sex is in Zimbabwe, the Weekend Post claims it can be as low as the cost of a half-loaf of bread.

Image: Bulawayo24