Chinese Women Came to the U.S. To Be Massage Therapists, Forced Into Happy Endings Two Chinese women arranged to come to the United States, where they were told they had jobs as masseuses waiting for them. But when they got there, they found out that their contact expected more out of them than a PG rubdown.


viagra generico 100 mg online prezzo piu basso a Genova Yauhua Fan, 53, has been charged with maintaining a house of ill repute in Illinois. According to authorities, this wannabe madam held two women against their will at Acupressure Physical Therapy in unincorporated Deerfield and forced them to have sex with various clients. The woman, ages 28 and 47 years old, told police that Fan tricked them. They arrived in the Chicago area about two months ago, ready to begin their lives as massage therapists. However, they say Fan soon threatened to throw them out on the streets unless they started providing the happy ending. Fan’s evil deeds were found out during an undercover police sting. A cop went into the shady business for a massage, but reported that the woman providing the service then offered to have sex with him in exchange for an additional fee.

Image: Flickr
Image: Flickr

enter site You really gotta wonder about the kind of trash that can walk around this world as a human woman, then force other women into this kind of work against their will. Fan has been charged with promoting prostitution, pimping and maintaining a public nuisance.

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40 mg prednisone low grade fever Image: Lake County Sheriff’s Department

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