Cheerleading Coach Katherine Ruth Harper Pregnant and Arrested for Sex With 15-Year Old Student Forget Florida. That seems so yesterday in terms of leading the nation in female teacher sexual liaisons with students. Texas is the true champion of recent times, with a seemingly endless series of arrests of perfectly normal, even quite pleasant and attractive and outgoing 20-something and 30-something female teachers engaged in illicit relationships with their student bodies. Maybe something in the water.

cialis professional from online drugstore 60mg 27-year-old Katherine Ruth Harper was a girls cheerleading instructor and boys tennis coach at Tidwell Middle School in Roanoke where she coached a boy with whom she would exchange numerous naughty texts and naked photos, as teachers do with their eighth graders these days in surprising numbers. During the course of the summer after his graduation from the school, Harper and the boy escalated their relationship:

follow “…the teen said he and Harper began drinking alcohol and both took off their clothes. At that time, the teen performed a sex act on Harper, according to the affidavit.”

follow url “One thing led to another and she told me to ‘put it in’ and I did,” This including trysts at the boys home in Trophy Club, as you can surmise from the name, a posh suburb of Dallas-Forth Worth, where you might assume the whispers are rampant. Somebody tipped school officials in September 2016 about the possible relationship but they investigated briefly and closed the case without sufficient evidence, apparently lacking the boys name and more apparently not being particularly interested in finding out the truth. A followup tip with the boy’s name was received by the school district in December 2016 at which point the boy was questioned and broke down in tears. There’s your case. He also kept all the text message and naked photos of Harper. There’s your felony evidence.

Tidwell Middle School outside of Dallas. Harper was arrested on charges related to improper sexual contact between a teacher and student with presumably more charges potentially forthcoming. In a twist certain to make things a million times more complicated, Harper is eight months pregnant. While the identity of the baby daddy has not been made public, any graduate of Tidwell Middle can do the math. The underaged boy is certainly a possibility. If that turns out to be true, there goes you “we only kissed” defense. Also, a jury is certain to look more sternly at the defendant as a rather negligent, if not sinister, actor in this drama if she didn’t take the precaution of protection with her underaged boyfriend. Harper is currently out on bond and presumably wondering what career she might pursue after prison now that teaching is out the window. Ah, love. What can you do. Everything’s bigger in Texas.

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