Lowell High School Cheerleading Coach Arrested for Producing Child Pornography

source site In a story that deserved far more attention this past month, a 22-year old Lowell High School, Michigan part-time cheerleading coach was arrested in connection to producing and transmitting child porn to a man in Canada. Specifically, the imagery involved images of a naked male infant.

https://premature-ejaculation.biz/ buy dapoxetine With the court case now headed to the Federal grand jury, there’s still little explanation as to what would drive Madalynne Iteen, a former Lowell High School graduate herself, to engage in such disturbing behavior.

Madalynne Iteen Couldn’t Appear More Wholesome

flakka street drug ingredients viagra To visit Madalynne Iteen’s social media accounts is to enter a world of a socially active and optimistic cheerleading instructor, an active young woman with tons of friends, and but the most complimentary mentions of wanting to express herself through photography.

viagra pills uk Photography ideas won’t stop brewing in my head! I have so many exciting photo shoots planned and I can not wait to get my ideas into a photograph.

– Madalynne Iteen on Facebook

read and buy soft viagra uk Herein lies the trouble with social media accounts. Save for those cry-for-help teens hellbent on violence, they merely provide a further masking of the true nature of individuals. For God’s sake, Madalynne Iteen spearheaded a Change.org petition to get the Governor of Michigan to sign a No-Leaving-Pets-in-Cars law. She got 10,000 signatures. She’s got thousands of social media friends.

Iteen Caught in Child Porn Sting in Canada

enter site Ontario Police arrested a suspect in a child porn possession last month. They kept his email account open to see what might come in. On February 6th they received an email with a link to photographs depicting pornographic images of a male infant.

canadian healthcare generic viagra sales Canadian investigators dug up the sender’s ID as Madalynne Iteen, the cheerleading coach at Lowell High School. The photos were dated from last summer. They passed the information along to the Department of Homeland Security in the U.S. who enacted Iteen’s arrest at her home in Lowell.

http://lucidera.com/?search=prescription-drug-patent-expiration-viagra-side Charges have yet to be fully delineated. Presume they are intense and serious with decades of prison time possible.

Madalynne Iteem Also Worked at the Lowell YMCA

generic viagra drugs commonly abused As if being around high school students wasn’t bad enough, Iteen also worked in before and after school programs at the local YMCA. It’s unclear what aged children she assisted there.

Iteen was responsible for coaching the JV team at Lowell High School.

bystolic similar drugs to viagra Imagine parents in the area are reeling. An alleged child porn producer in their midsts and not a soul could’ve suspected it. Both the school and the YMCA assured parents in letters that nobody from these locations was involved in the photographs. Cold comfort perhaps

discount viagra According to court documents, Madalynne Iteen confessed to producing the photographs at her residence last summer. No word yet on the relationship to the infant, or whether she’s recanted her confession now that court proceedings are underway.

It’s Far Rarer for Women to Be Involved in Producing Child Porn

http://wphls.org/?x=best-price-free-viagra-in-us Most of the cases we cover where women have been arrested for child pornography, it’s been for receiving explicit photos of teen boys or girls with whom they are having sexual affairs. Not the Jared from Subway variety of basement photo shoots.

viagra super active no prescription from online drugstore However, there have been some cases before where we’ve seen such arrests:

Katja Goen Zielke made some very poor decisions to please a new boyfriend.

go to site Jessica Cunnington, a budtender in Spokane, was arrested for taking obscene photos of her own young daughters to share with a very creepy man on Kik.

http://jenksgirlssoccer.com/?x=viagra-l-arginine-interaction-with-other-drugs In New York, Megan McDonald was arrested for having sent explicit photos of very young children to a man himself arrested for grooming a 12-year old girl online.

And in Florida, very attractive Wells Fargo loan officer, Katja Goen Zielke, was busted when her fancy new boyfriend convinced her to send him photos of her preteen girls taking showers. She complied. Why, we may never know.

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