click The threshold for being called a reality TV star in headline story circles is pretty low, so take with a grain of salt the title applied to¬†Grant Robicheaux, 38, an Orange County orthopedic doctor who appeared on some Bravo singles dating show a while back. While the title dance instructor certainly applies to Cerissa Riley, 31, the doctor’s partner in the crime of drugging and sexually assaulting women in the Newport Beach area of California.

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source url The m.o. of the couple was to meet women in restaurants and bars in the area, hit it off a bit, then drug their drinks and later take advantage of them fully sexually. Cosby style you might say. The doctor had more than adequate drugging resources available, as well as charm and handsome looks. Having a female sidekick is rather evil genius insomuch as the man because far less suspicious, and also has a witness to back his story should things go South. Well they’ve gone South.

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free levitra sample The Orange County District Attorney has charged the pair with sexual assault and unlawful drugging of two women thus far. However, based on the fact that Riley and Robicheaux got around to Burning Man, and tons of other festivals and music events, they suspect the actual number of women they’ve team-raped is likely much higher. Not that two makes for a bad case to file, but there could be dozens based on the ease and practice of which they seemed to victimize the two named victims thus far.


source link You wonder how people fall into these criminal pursuits, who’s idea it was initially, and how the hell you get somebody to go along with your twisted plans. It’s not like there’s a dating app to meet other people also interested in sexual assault. This will all likely come out during the trial as they look to squeeze whoever they believe to be the less guilty party, likely the woman, into testifying against the real beast, likely the man. That’s just going by stats.

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