Francesa Cronan and Ariana Garay during 2011 school trip to Italy (source: Portland Tribue)

Portland Catholic girls school teacher, Franesca Cronan, lost her teaching license in the State of Oregon earlier this year when a former student, Ariana Garay, claims she and her married English teacher had a two-year long sexual affair that began shortly after her sixteenth birthday during the 2008-2009 school year.

Garay first met Cronan during her sophomore year at the St. Mary’s Academy when Garay was fifteen and self-described as innocent and sexually confused and Cronan was her English teacher who she would ask to be her Confirmation mentor as well. Confirmation for Catholic students being a rather important step in their religious education and matriculation, this put Garay and Cronan in even more routine contact both during and after school for counseling sessions, often long walks off-campus. Oh, boy. Or, oh, girl.

In a long expose in the Portland Tribune, Garay, now nine years later and in her twenties, claims she was the one who first made flirty statements toward her female teacher, even though Garay was completely sexually inexperienced and wasn’t even aware she was a lesbian. Though Garay points out her 20-something English teacher and mentor was quick to respond with even more sexualized come-ons.

Francesca Cronan and Ariana Garay in 2009 at Catholic confirmation reception. (source: Portland Tribune)

In her statements before the educational board reviewing her teacher’s license, Cronan admitted that she had had an inappropriate relationship with the young Garay, but insists it was all dirty texts and coy sex play via emails and Google Chat. That alone was enough to cause her to lose her license. Cronan had resigned from the school several months prior at the start of the current school year, likely when she got wind of the forth coming claims from her former student to a newspaper. In those claims, Garay insists the pair had sex at least fifty times and that Cronan took her virginity and then some at her home while her husband was out of the house. Garay kept many of the text communications revealing the naughty heavy-breathing sex chat, so that wasn’t even up for discussion in the hearing. The matter of actual sexual contact remains in dispute.

Cronan insists Garay is mentally troubled and is coming out with these wild sexual claims as an expression of her damage. Garay says she may be damaged, but that’s because her Confirmation mentor did things you’re really not supposed to do with your young Catholic ward. The world may never know. Though you ought side with the option that the teacher did as Garay says, since Cronan’s already copped to sending vagina-love letters to her teenaged student. That certainly shows an extreme lack of judgement and a predilection for the young flesh. Not a big leap to assume she lived out some of those raunchy chats.

Please give me bonus points for not diving immediately into Catholic girls school lesbian love jokes.