Nothing is rare anymore under the category of female teachers and sexual relations with underaged students. We may have said so a decade ago, now we’re learning that it’s a daily occurrence somewhere in this great nation. Whether the activity has spiked or merely the evidence from social media and texts leading to suspicions and arrests have increased the arrests, remains to be reported on by a real scientist somewhere.

Diana Wendel-Yniguez, 42, taught for eighteen years in the Los Angeles Angeles Archdiocese, the past three years at Ramona Convent Secondary School in Alhambra, which is where she was alleged to have begun an illicit sexual interlude with a 17-year old student during the previous school year. The sex took place on campus and in the teacher’s car. We’ve seen this script before. Somebody get rid of the cars!

A relative of the teen victim discovered sexually explicit text messages from Yniguez to the student that clearly outlined a relationship of an adult nature. If you compare your classic pedophile to your “in love with an underaged student” teacher you’ll find the former are much more sinister about hiding the evidence of their crimes, while the latter are almost indulgent in how much information they attest to about their own illegal behavior via text and Snap and Facebook. Hence, why they are almost all entirely caught. So suppose for now we consider their naiveness to be a generally good thing.

The student’s family member showed the text message to the student’s father who immediately went to the Alhambra police:

“The investigation revealed that Yniguez had sent the text messages and had been involved in unlawful sexual contact with the minor.”

Yniguez was both arrested by the police and place on leave from the Ramona Convent Secondary School pending an outcome of her case. Fair enough. Also fair enough is the police reaching out to other potential victims of school year’s past. This is hardly the kind of hobby a Catholic school teacher suddenly discovers at 42. If you’re a betting man, or woman with a gambling habit, risk the house on the fact that this was not her first lesbian underaged encounter. Whether or not other victims are willing to come forward remains to be seen. It’s no doubt embarrassing, especially if you’ve never told anybody before.

Photo credit: Diana Wendel-Yniquez / Facebook