Catherine Oxenberg Says Sex Cult Kept Daughter India on Slave Diet for Skinny Sex

how to buy viagra? Now that Keith Raniere has been found guilty of being a super-horrible sex cult operator, and his female lieutenants like Smallville actress, Allison Mack, have all taken plea deals, the real details of the sordid fake self-help group slash slave harem are coming to light.

Powerful was go site Impregnable keep applying life will get better. AND if you Like In this original homebrew which appeared dedicated to Hahn you must wield We’ve already heard about how Raniere and Mack diverted wayward, struggling actress types into the NVXIM cult with a pitch that sounded a lot like Scientology-light. Remove your blockages. Find your inner awesome. Get jobs on network television like Allison Mack.

viagra and cardiomyopathy left ventricular And we learned how once into the gang, how Raniere and team manipulated the teeny-tiny minds of these ladies into giving up their freedom, life’s possessions, and to a great extent, food, in order to fulfill their ultimate goal — banging the guru and working for free to pay his cult utility bills.

India Oxenberg, Debutante
India Oxenberg was a debutante as a teen, and sex cult member as a 20-something.

viagra helps mens enjoy deep penetration This not-so-pleasurable vacation package was like a trip to a Dominican Republic resort that never ended. Women were blackmailed and extorted and made to feel that leaving would cause permanent harm to their reputations, families, and everything they care for. The old cult standard. Meanwhile, they were branded with a hot poker around the pubic region and made to serve the one true master. The chubby guy in charge. It’s always the chubby guy in charge.

compare cialis viagra levitra Now we’re learning from Catherine Oxenberg, 80’s TV sexy siren and Yugoslavian royalty — for what that’s worth — that her 20-something daughter, India, was a member of the cult and starved to skin-and-bone by Allison Mack in order to achieve the perfect anorexic look that gave Raniere a woody. He likes his slave ladies with protruding hip bones apparently. That required Lieutenant Mack to keep the calories down to 500 or so per day. Like the reverse of a cruise ship concierge.

“I knew India was on a restricted diet of between 500 to 900 calories, but I had no idea it was down to 500 calories for a year. It’s so many layers of disgust. When you think it can’t get worse, it does. The layers of sadism and cruelty are endless.”

– Catherine Oxenberg

Of course, mom probably worked the 500 calorie diet herself during her Dynasty days, though it’s different when you’re being paid. You’ve got to feed your sex slaves. It’s one of the great unwritten rules of despotism.

India Oxenberg and Friend
India Oxenberg seemed like a typical, cigar smoking daughter of Malibu privilege.

India Oxenberg grew up a Malibu child of her mom and whoever her mom was married to before she had her first divorce and re-married Casper Van Diem and made four more kids. India did a bunch of low-rent TV stuff before doing a few low-rent 20-something TV stuff, before joining the Raniere and Mack sex cult because nothing else much was in the hopper.

Oxenberg was in the cult for some time now. Several years. Her mom occasionally would have her publicity team front an article to the trades about how she was trying to get her daughter out. No clue as to how hard she tried. Tons of clues as to the results of her efforts.

When Joan Collins slapped Catherine Oxenberg on Dynasty in the 80’s.

It’s unknown how India Oxenberg is doing now that the NXVIM cult has been dismantled, dozens of failed actresses have been freed, branded, but thirty pounds lighter than when they arrived. Expect that latter part to be translated into some kind of celebrity fad diet. The difference between being slave to Keith Raniere and slave to your narcissism isn’t that great. how to buy viagra? AND FOR THOSE WHO ALREADY MISS GAME OF THRONES:

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