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Female Gym Teacher Arrested for Minivan Sex With High School Boy

Lindsey Halstead, 29, of Waterloo, New York, and formerly of Waterloo High School, was taken into custody, charged with having sex behind a Hampton Inn in upstate New York with a 16-year old former male student.

Female Music Teacher Louisiana Christian School Arrested for Sex With Student

A young female teacher at a Louisiana Christian school has been arrested on multiple counts of a teacher having sex with a student, super verboten in Southern state schools even if the "victim" is technically of age.

Wisconsin Teacher Arrested for Illicit Lesbian Student Affair From 5-Years Earlier

Just when you thought you got away with it... a Wisconsin Catholic School teacher who previously worked as a public school substitute health and fitness teacher was arrested for a sexual affair she had with a then 15-year old girl in 2014.

Alabama Sheriff’s Daughter-in-Law Arrested for Sex With Her High School Student

Madison County High School teacher, Lyndsey Sherrod Bates, 22, was arrested on multiple counts of sex with a student under the magic age, and for distributing obscene material to the very same teen boy.

Jessica Gaeckle Arrested for Having Sex With Her Student, Sort Of

Pleasantville High School in Southern New Jersey may not be such a pleasant place, after their second sexually...

Four Charged in Gruesome Murder of Transgender Teen

Ally Lee Steinfled, 17, was missing for several weeks before her remains were found not far from a trailer where...

Teacher Ekatherine Pappas Receives One Year and One Day for Sex Tape with 16-Year...

You may recall that in the first couple weeks of 2017, a Baltimore high school Spanish teacher fled the country...

Video: Disgusting Stephanie Young Smears Snot And Attacks Lyft Driver

Stephanie Young is accused of being both gross and aggressive in the backseat of a Florida Lyft driver's car. It...
Amanda Cindy Holt Sentenced

For One 9-Month-Old Baby, Cindy And Amanda Holt Ran The In-Home Daycare From Hell

Cindy and Amanda Holt are a mother-and-daughter pair, who ran an in-home daycare in Des Moines, Ia., that turned into...

KKK Leader Murdered By Wife And Stepson, Police Say

The wife and stepson of a Missouri KKK member are suspected of killing him and disposing of his body in...

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