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Chinese Women Came to the U.S. To Be Massage Therapists, Forced Into Happy Endings

Two Chinese women arranged to come to the United States, where they were told they had jobs as masseuses waiting...

Melissa Kitchens Let Her Son Into Her Kitchen

Incest is best. So reads the juvenile poems etched on the stalls of many a public restroom. It also ranks...

Woman Gets 40 Years For Letting Her Common Law Husband Impregnate Child Relative

Take a good long look at the visage of Peggy Sue Knox, 'cause she is the worst. She will also...

A Mom’s Marriage With Her Son Didn’t Work Out, So She Married Her Daughter

There’s nothing like the love between a parent and their child. But in the case of one Oklahoma mother, the...

Sharon Harry Will Stab You If You Deny Her Sex

Being rejected is always tough, and no one would blame you for being pouty about it. But if you're Sharon...

Karla Homolka Canadian and Deadly

Canadian murderer Karla Homolka was not executed for her crimes, nor is she behind bars for them. She was released...

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