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Hot Mom in Louisiana Arrested for Carnal Knowledge of a Juvenile

Talitha Rosier, 31, stands accused of multiple counts of indecent sex related criminal charges with a juvenile. While...

Katja Goen Zielke Arrested in Florida for Child Porn, Snapping Nude Photos of Her...

By all accounts, Katja Goen Zielke, 38, was a Florida loan officer for Wells Fargo, a mother of...

Bikini Mom Offers ‘Services’ in Lieu of Insurance Information after Car Accident

This story might be any old story of a drunk lady ditching a guy trying to exchange insurance information after a shopping area accident, except for the fact of what Head was wearing, and what the other drive claims Head offered in lieu of her State Farm digits.

Allison Mack Pleads Guilty to Her ‘Lieutenant’ Role in Sex Cult

Former Smallville actress turned sex cult second-in-command, Allison Mack, gave up the ghost on multiple rounds of not-guilty pleas in racketeering charges and pled guilty to two felony counts.

Bottom’s Up Bikini Baristas Driven Out of California Town

It's hard to say who was the first businessperson to come up with the model: let's do exactly what everybody else is doing, but hire hot girls in skimpy outfits to do it.

Melissa Kitchens Let Her Son Into Her Kitchen

Incest is best. So reads the juvenile poems etched on the stalls of many a public restroom. It also ranks...

Porn Star Mercedes Carrera and Boyfriend Arrested For Sexually Abusing Young Girl (Possibly on...

We know where porn stars exist on the human food chain, but we rightfully continue to not be...

Sarah Webber, Mom, Applebee’s Bartender, Arrested for Trying to Blow a 12-Year Old Boy

Granted, this story takes place in West Virginia, but having been in those environs myself, I can tell...

Lauren Wilder Arrested for Sex Atop the Cincinnati SkyStar Wheel

Lauren Wilder, 31, and her boyfriend, Michael Mathisen, 31, were busted for being drunk and humping on the SkyStar Wheel set up in Cincinnati's downtown. It's a portable attraction designed to move from city to city, and presumably, provide sex spots for inebriated couples.

Taylor Bunn, 19, Arrested For Having Sex With Her Father in Florida Backyard

In every story involving Florida, you have to read into the news a bit before you find what is truly...

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