Porn Star Lynn Pleasant (real name Katrina Danforth) Pleads Guilty to Murder for Hire Plot

purchase viagra jelly without prescription I’ve never tried to hire anybody to kill another person before because I’m not that lazy. But it seems to me that about 90% of readily available hitmen are undercover law enforcement officers. So it’s like trying to buy weed from the pushiest dealer outside the donut shop. He’s a narc. Murder for hire will get you slapped even worse.

Sequoyah Collins Arrested in DUI Crash That Killed a Child The blonde oft-bikini clad social media sharer and fairly recent University of Kentucky grad was booked on a DUI, with more charges possible, after speeding through a red at 3 am and plowing into an Acura. For whatever reason, a family of six was out at that hour this past very early Friday morning, with four grade-school kids in the back.