Thursday, March 22, 2018

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Horse Genitals Discovered

Two Women Caught Smuggling 13 Pounds Of Horse Genitals Into U.S.

Customs and Border Protections agents in Sterling, Va., found something in the juice box collection of two women trying to...
Woman Poos In Public, Caught On Video

A Woman Took A Dump On A Crowded Bus: A Crime of Passion

Unless you enlisted in the military at some point in your life, you are probably not down with dropping a...
Liana Barrientos Pleads Guilty

Liana Barrientos Married 10 Illegal Immigrants In ‘Green Card’ Scam

Liana Barrientos is out of prison (for now) after fraudulently marrying 10 illegal immigrants, including some who were from so-called...
Adrienne Van Arsdale Sentenced

Adrienne Van Arsdale, Boyfriend Sentenced For Ripping Off Seniors

What do seniors need with a bunch of jewelry anyway? That's at least what Adrienne Van Arsdale and longtime boyfriend...
Jianping Qiao, Jinjuan Gu Arrested

Jianping Qiao, Jinjuan Gu Arrested In Massage Parlor Bust

When we typically think of "massage parlor," there is a tendency to think of happy endings and whorehouses. When a...

Woman Accused Of Anti-Muslim Hate Crime May Have Been Planning Worse

Lauren Kirk-Coehlo, 30, of Davis County has been charged with a hate crime and six counts of vandalism. She is accused...
Geneva Robinson Arrested

‘Witch’ Geneva Robinson Admits To Abusing Her 7-Year-Old Granddaughter

Geneva Robinson is the new face of horror. The Oklahoma City 51-year-old recently admitted to abusing her 7-year-old granddaughter "in...

19 Neglected Dogs Removed From Horrible Dog Rescue

Lindsay Morrow, 41, of Iowa has been booked on suspicion of animal neglect and animal torture after 19 living dogs...

Marina Lonina Broadcast Classmate’s Rape Over Periscope

Marina Lonina has a delightfully lyrical name, but do not be fooled: she's the literal worst. Lonina, 19, of Ohio...

Amanda Stewart Looks a Lot Like Britney Spears the Meth Version

Amanda Stewart made the very poor decision of driving through the State of Alabama with a pile full of opiates...

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