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Brentwood School Chemistry Teacher Sentenced to Prison for Sex With Student

You may recall the arrest and charging of post Brentwood School teacher, Aimee Palmitessa, last year. The 47-year old chemistry teacher at the school was charged with numerous counts of sexual impropriety with a 17-year old male student at the school.

Hot 25-Year Old Teacher Sent Masturbation Videos To Her Teen Student

A rather attractive and sexually suggestive 25-year old high school teacher in Katy, Texas stands accused of transmitting masturbation videos and explicit photos to a 15-year old male student at her school.

Female Teacher Sues School District That Fired Her Over Topless Photo

Lauren Miranda, 25, a math teacher formerly at Bellport Middle School in Suffolk County, New York, leveled a lawsuit against the school that fired her after kids at the school were found circulating her topless photo.

Teacher Rachel Marie Gillespie Arrested for ‘Indecency’ With One of Her High School Students

Nothing says the new school year is back in session like the arrest of another female teacher for sexual relations...

Edna Mabel Longoria The Latest Texas Teacher Arrested for Sex With Student

Edna Mabel Longoria, 39, a health sciences teacher at Mission Veterans' Memorial High School in Mission, Texas, was taken into custody, charged with improper relationship between an educator and student. Namely, Longoria is charged with multiple instances of sexual intercourse with a 17-year old student at the school.

Fresno Middle School Teacher Claims Oral Sex on Student Was Coerced

Nelson, a married mom teacher at the Tenaya Middle School in Fresno and her student, had exchanged numerous Instagram messages between them during the school year leading up to the sex.

Another Female Teacher Busted in High School Sex Scandal

What was once a freakish novelty, now has become a regular occurrence of attractive female educators grooming, sexting, and hopping into the sack with their teen students.

Hot Female Teacher Jailed for Sex With Student, Drug Charges Dropped

As things go, Georgia high school teacher, Raquel Spencer, 29, was let off fairly easily by the courts this week considering she was arrested last year for both possession of heroin, and for having sex with one of her high school students.

Disturbing! Brittany Zamora Had Sex With Student While Other Student Watched

Prosecutors contend that Zamora had sex with her male victim at least once in her classroom in front of another student...

Texas Teacher Caught in the Park With Her Teen Student; Faces 20 Years in...

As much as this phenomena of randy female teachers with very poor decision making skills and a penchant for young flesh is sweeping the entire U.S. nation, there is no longer a doubt the most arrest are happening in Texas.

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