Hot Illinois Girls Basketball Coach Arrested for Sex Acts with Student

dove acquistare viagra generico 50 mg a Napoli Before we get carried away with lesbian girls sports coach clams, the gender of the student involved in this story hasn’t been revealed. Though Washington Community High School girls volleyball and Freshman basketball coach, Hayley Reneau, 23, is the latest female teacher arrested in our fair nation on inappropriate sexual relations charges.

California Girls HS Basketball Coach Arrested for Sexual Relations With Former Team Member

see Amy Emerald, 42, who may also go by the name, Amy Santos, was arrested this week by Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Department and charged with lewd or lascivious acts on a child of 14 or 15 years of age. Subsequent information revealed that the student fingering Emerald, pun intended, claimed she was 15 when the sexual relations with her high school basketball coach.

High School Teacher’s Lesbian Student Lover Defends Her ‘Love’ With the Teacher in Court Last October we told you how a Cincinnati-area Special Ed teacher, Jennifer Walsh, 26, was busted for having sexual relations with a 17-year-old girl from her school. I heroically noted that the girl in question was not a special-ed student, because that seemed relevant, and seemed to mitigate the potential crime.

Brittany Zamora Receives 20 Year Prison Sentence for Sex With Her 13-Year Old Student The year-and-a-half saga of mid-20’s Arizona school teacher, Brittany Zamora, has finally come to an end. The newlywed Las Brisas Academy teacher’s now famous blonde locks, replaced by her natural brown grown out in prison where apparently they don’t allow dye jobs. (Though in California prison they will pay for you to change sexes.)

Pastor’s Wife and Kindergarten Teacher Arrested for Sex With High School Student

Shannon Griffin, 49, a kindergarten teacher at the K-12 Jordan Baptist School southwest of Chicago, was arrested for sexual relations with a junior at the small high school portion of the school. There are only 100 kids in total, K-12, not a great place to keep secrets. (The actual number is hard to find since Jordan Baptist seems to be suffering a coincidental outage of their website today.)

Female Bible Teacher in Florida Gets Prison for Sex With Teen Male Student

The arms of Lady Justice move fast in the State of Florida. It was but this past April when we reported that Suzanne Owen, a married 35-year old teacher at Evangelical Christian School was arrested for sexual battery of a teen boy. The boy’s precise age is not mentioned, but based on the charging, he’s between 12 and 18. At any number, in Florida, that’s a felony for teachers.