Pastor’s Wife and Kindergarten Teacher Arrested for Sex With High School Student

price of levitra in india Shannon Griffin, 49, a kindergarten teacher at the K-12 Jordan Baptist School southwest of Chicago, was arrested for sexual relations with a junior at the small high school portion of the school. There are only 100 kids in total, K-12, not a great place to keep secrets. (The actual number is hard to find since Jordan Baptist seems to be suffering a coincidental outage of their website today.)

Illinois High School Teacher and Mentor Busted for Sex with Student Kathryn Patten, 34, was taken down at Dwight High School in Dwight Township, Illinois, charged with having sexual relations with a high school student under her institutional supervision. Meaning, she was a teacher and he was a teen male student and they did the nasty. That’s a criminal no-no. All allegedly, of course.

Female Bible Teacher in Florida Gets Prison for Sex With Teen Male Student

The arms of Lady Justice move fast in the State of Florida. It was but this past April when we reported that Suzanne Owen, a married 35-year old teacher at Evangelical Christian School was arrested for sexual battery of a teen boy. The boy’s precise age is not mentioned, but based on the charging, he’s between 12 and 18. At any number, in Florida, that’s a felony for teachers.