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Another Female Teacher Busted in High School Sex Scandal

What was once a freakish novelty, now has become a regular occurrence of attractive female educators grooming, sexting, and hopping into the sack with their teen students.

Hot Female Teacher Jailed for Sex With Student, Drug Charges Dropped

As things go, Georgia high school teacher, Raquel Spencer, 29, was let off fairly easily by the courts this week considering she was arrested last year for both possession of heroin, and for having sex with one of her high school students.

Lowell High School Cheerleading Coach Arrested for Producing Child Pornography

A Michigan part-time cheerleading coach was arrested in connection to producing and transmitting child porn to a man in Canada.

Crazy! Special Ed Teacher Allegedly Had Sex With Middle School Boy 100 Times

The boy had told police originally that he and Winfield frequently had sex around Winfield's house and visited numerous area hotels since he was 11-years old and had had sex "1,000 times". Later, he changed that to merely 100 times.

Female Teacher Arrested for Nude Snapchats Resigns

You'd think a grown woman with a college education and twenty years teaching experience would have the wisdom to know not to send nudes to a student of hers, let alone an underaged student.

Female Teacher Arrested in Kentucky For Abuse of Girl in the Woods

There's no greater height of public achievement for a school teacher than to appear in one of those...

It Was Only a Kiss! High School Teacher Arrested

What could be more romantic than a first kiss after seeing a movie? Unless you're a high school teacher on a date with your student.

High School Counselor Arrested for Sex Crimes, Carrying Gun

We've come across teachers and and assistant principals having had sexual relations with students; Meghann Wells may be the first school counselor.

Principal Arrested for Failure to Report ‘Child Indecency’

Texas is clearly letting the adults in charge know, you're on the hook!

Denton Guyer Teacher Charged With Sex With Student

Denton Guyer High School teacher, Jeana Wesson, 46, turned herself into authorities this week in Texas after being charged with an improper relationship with a student. Read as, she is alleged to have had sex with a 17-year old male student in her classroom.

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