A young Texas woman has been accused of luring two boys to go shoplifting with her at Walmart, as well as toting around crystal meth in her bra. Both of those are crimes.

Castle Gately has been described as a 23-year-old transient. She apparently encountered two boys who were playing outside of an apartment complex in Dallas. She allegedly told the boys that if they would accompany her to the local Walmart, they could get whatever they wanted from the department store. She also offered them candy. So,¬†two boys ditched their boring, ol’ yard and tagged along with Gately to the Walmart. A witness said they saw the woman coaxing the boys along with a candy bar. That witness became suspicious and followed the trio.

Castle Gately via Facebook, in better days.

Gately’s shoplifting excursion did not go as well as she had planned and authorities soon intervened. Upon searching Gately, they say they discovered a plastic baggie of meth tucked in her bra. The boys told authorities that Gately was not a relative and that they had, in fact, never met her before that day. Also, the boys’ mother had noticed they were missing and had called the police. The boy were safely returned home and one can only assume they got one hell of a talking to about taking candy from strangers.

Gately was booked on a bond of $150,000. It is not clear, at this time, why Gately would have wanted to take two kids “shopping.” Maybe she thought it would look less suspicious if she appeared to be a young mother. Or maybe she just wanted some company. Once your parents name your Castle Gately, the explanations all stop mattering so much. Kids, stay off the meth.

Image: Dallas PD/Facebook