Casey Chapman of Wichita Falls Arrested for Sex With Friend’s 12-Year Old Daughter Beyond the titillation factor, one purpose of the stories covered on this site might be to remind the world that while men are certainly behind the bulk of violent, sexual, and otherwise crude crimes committed in this world, they are not alone. As in, we used to simply say, if you have a female teacher or sitter or scout leader or clergy or, say, family best friend, you don’t need to worry about your kids. Perhaps statistically yes, but that’s no longer a baseline you can count on.

key how to buy brand levitra discount Casey Chapman, 36, of Wichita Falls, Texas, was arrested on three counts of aggravated sexual assault for a relationship that turned sexual with a 12-year old girl with whom’s family she was close friends. As we we see often in these cases, Chapman is married, a young mom herself, and her social media pages are filled with adorable and loving family photos. She’s the kind of woman you bet had many friends, volunteered all over the place, and was probably a great mom. Who would ever suspect such a woman is having sex with your 12-year old daughter? It’s enough to shake your confidence deeply.

best levitra price The victim told authorities she had developed a crush on the 36-year-old and told her [Chapman] about the attraction. The victim went on to say she and Chapman engaged in inappropriate sexual behavior on multiple occasions, that was initiated by Chapman. KSWO News Casey Lee Chapman was booked into the Wichita County Jail on February 1 on $750,000 bond, or $250,000 per each of three counts. As you might imagine, these are serious felony counts with substantial jail time behind them.

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lasix prescription It’s unclear what led up to the police finding out about the relationship, but you’d have to assume these kinds of illicit affairs are going to become known to parents or friends or teachers at some point. Which leads to the obvious question, how rational can you be to even consider such a deed? That question is rhetorical.

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