DON’T READ RADAR ONLINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This must be what people who go into space feel like when they look back at the planet and it looks like its on a map at a train station.. So weird. Like there’s a billion people down there and you can’t see any of them but you know they’re there in Africa and Asia and Florida..

RadarOnline says

“She’s picking the wealthiest one and plans on making him the father of her baby. She wants to get pregnant and be waited on hand and foot!”

That is what they say a close friend says. Okay, do close friends ever tell friends secrets? No, they do not. So your secret source can’t be a close friend. Which is why everyone should know this is a stupid lie. Plus it’s in the Radar Online which just mostly makes shit up to sell more copies. Why not say Casey Anthony plans on visiting Mars after dinner. I’m sorry for the foul language. The friend also says how sick it would be for Casey Anthony to have another baby. Oh, yeah, that’s a friend alright. Friends always call their friends sick. Somebody should sue somebody if that somebody wasn’t sick of stuff like that.

This is Glen Micah, I just named him. A tabby. He found his way into my place. His tags say he lives around the corner but they could be fakes I read in the newspaper so I’ll keep him to be safe. He’s now my third cat since Lisa Micah passed.