According to Casey Anthony’s bodyguard hired to protect the then 25-year old mother shortly after her arrest for murder, everybody kind of knew that Casey Anthony was guilty of killing her two year old daughter.

Bodyguard Rob Dick went on the Allegedly podcast where he declared Casey Anthony guilty “without a doubt” and then promptly insinuated that tons of moms murder their children and he’s not sure why the Casey Anthony case garnered so much attention. Dick’s second point is worth exploring, even as spouted out of his exaggerating mouth. Roughly 500 kids under five are killed by their parents each year in the United States. Statistically a tiny fraction obviously, though clearly devastating to family and community in any number. About the same number, one-third, are committed individually by mother or father. That would indicate that 150 small kids a year are killed by their mothers. Some would be instances of multiple homicides but that still equates to dozens of American each year who murder their little ones. And to Dick’s question about why Casey Anthony’s case received so much spotlight. That seems relatively easy. She’s pretty, she’s young, she’s white, and she fought the charges despite the obvious mountain of evidence against her. Not politically correct, but there you go. Shake Nancy Grace hard until she admits the same.

casey and caylee

Everybody but the empaneled jury who followed the case closely seemed to agree that the overwhelming evidence suggested Casey Anthony did commit homicide and bury her own toddler’s body in pursuit of some demented goal of independence and social freedom. Not much different than those teen girl who dump their newborn in the dumpster then head to the prom, only that baby is now walking and talking and you’re not seventeen. Though in the same heinous mother category.

As a rule, don’t bother listening to ex-bodyguards. Or any guy named “Dick” for that matter. More often than not these guys are trying to self-promote based on a loose former connection to celebrity. Casey Anthony guilty and everybody thought so? That’s not technically a revelation for a several years later headline.