Casarah Velez Is Latest Texas Teacher Arrested for Sex With Student Yet another Texas female teacher has been arrested for engaging in sex with a high school student. The numbers are really adding up, despite what some news outlets friendly to the teachers unions will insist is merely a series of one-off stories.

watch In this case, Casarah Velez, 29, was charged this week with Improper Relationship Between Educator and Student, a second degree felony in Texas, implying that the senior high school boy Velez made herself intimately acquainted with in 2016, was of legal age of consent in Texas, but still fell criminal under the statue forbidding the mounting of high school students of any age by their teachers.

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levitra store prices At the time, Velez was a substitute teacher at Buckholts High School, when, according to arrest reports, she befriended a senior student there extracurricularly, first via text, and then, naturally as we’ve seen in so many cases, Snapchat. Those exchange of messages become far more adult quickly, as they often do when you’re a horny teacher exchanging secret messages with a horny teen boy. Eventually, Velez convinced the student to drive around with her in her car, and finally, in May 2016, she pulled to a stop on a dark road, climbed in the backseat, and asked her student to join her. That he did. Not once, but twice, according to the filings.

source url Now Velez faces felony charges and $75,000 bail to get out of Bell County jail. Another female teacher in a long line. All of whom have surely seen a hundred similar teachers before them arrested for the very same activities, but simply can’t control themselves. Keep it in your pants, ladies. Or whatever the gender appropriate version of that slogan might be for the lady teachers.
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