Bikini Mom Offers ‘Services’ in Lieu of Insurance Information after Car Accident

Discount Kamagra Carrie Lee Head is in trouble for allegedly hit-and-run and driving while intoxicated for leaving the scene of a minor car accident at the Southern Trace Plaza shopping center in The Villages, Florida.

enter This story might be any old story of a drunk lady ditching a guy trying to exchange insurance information after a shopping area accident, except for the fact of what Head was wearing, and what the other drive claims Head offered in lieu of her State Farm digits.

Carrie Lee Head Struck a Car With Her Van

cheap viagra professional in usa According to the police reports, a motorist reported that Carrie Lee Head struck his car with her van in the Southern Trace Plaza shopping villages. The two cars pulled into the Circle K convenience store parking lot to exchange information. That’s when the motorist claims that Carrie Lee Head exited her van in merely a bikini and seemingly intoxicated. When he asked Head for her insurance information, she admitted she had none, and offered to give the man “services” in exchange for the damage to his car.

viagra like drug Now, it’s possible she meant free oil changes for life, or even a bikini car wash, but the fact that “services” is in quotes in the arrest report would lead one to believe somebody prudish in law enforcement doesn’t like the word fellatio. Nor the once in a lifetime chance to pen, “that’s when suspect Head offered head to the other motorist”.

The Second Motorist Turned Down the Generous Offer

online pharmacy to get viagra For whatever reason, likely good morals, the motorist turned down Carrie Lee Head’s offer. He told her he was calling law enforcement and Head skedaddled away in her van.

Who can forget Angry Bikini Girl beating on a truck in a parking lot?

mh drugs kd 19 viagra commercial actress As you might imagine, a dutiful man who turns down sex from a young blonde woman might also be the kind to write down license plates. The motorist turned that information over to the cops who tracked down Head at her home, in the backyard, still in her bikini. That’s a giveaway.

find viagra without prescription Police noted that Head appeared intoxicated. She failed a field sobriety test. When she refused a breath test, as you really should, she was arrested for drunk driving and for the hit-and-run portion of the evening.

Carrie Lee Head Was Arrested Just Two Months Ago

here This past December, Carrie Lee Head was arrested for battery in an altercation with her sister at her home. The two, both later suspected to be drunk, pulled each other’s hair and shoved and and screamed at each other in the garage.

Carrie Lee Head, Mugshot,
Sumter County, December 2018

go to link Head’s sister called the cops claiming that her sister had struck her. Carrie Lee Head denied the charges. Imagine the head shaking of the local police arriving to this scene. The kind of moment you expect to see on Cops, the TV show.

According to reports the sisters were arguing over who would watch the kids in the home that night. The only winner here seems to be the alcoholic beverage makers of America. It’s so hard to resist.

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