Caroline Lawson Arrested, Charged With Sexual Romp With Her 17-Year Old Student Here’s something to think about in the hours after inviting one of your underaged male students back to your place for a little roll in the hay: don’t text your girlfriends about the experience. That’ll come back to haunt you during the investigation. Consider that a guarantee.

This teacher loved the selfies. Is this a clue to the female teachers to watch out for? Caroline Lawson, 29, apparently goes by “Meg”, was busted down Florida way for being an English teacher who goes above and beyond in her educational services for students. TheĀ Earl J. Lennard High School teacher in Tampa, Florida, was picked up by authorities after her seventeen year old afternoon delight partner confirmed a trip back to her apartment for a round of intercourse and oral sex. He on her. How gallant. The engaged teacher sealed her fate when she texted her friend:

click “I cheated on jameson [Lawson’s fiancee]… with a student”. “When you say cheated, do you mean slept with?”

see url “Yes.” And, there goes your defense strategy.

can lasix break up thick mucus Lawson becomes the latest in a seemingly ceaseless string of female teachers falling prey to their hearts and loins and high school students. Or are they the predators? Women are definitely viewed differently than men in this particular picking up of the teen students department.

Caroline Lawson, Facebook

cheap accutane The School District issued the obligatory statement of student safety being a top priority, despite apparently have no ability to control the sexual proclivities of their teachers toward the student bodies. So, safety, minus that small little exception. For her part, Lawson was booked into the Hillsborough County jail on two counts of unlawful sex with a minor. Florida does not have those separate charges for sex with one of your students, merely the statutory below the age of consent charges. Still extremely serious.

Nobody looks their best in a mugshot.

click here As for “Jameson”, the fiancee, assume he’s got the message that maybe this previously sweetheart English teacher he was set to marry isn’t quite ready to settle down yet. She’s still got high school boys to get through. Also, prison.

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