Carissa Vadala Recorded Herself Sexually Assaulting A 10-Year-Old Girl

follow site Carissa Vadala will serve six to 20 years in prison for recording herself sexually assaulting a young girl, then sending the footage to various other pedophile trashmonsters she had met online.

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levitra generico Toscana Vandala, a 20-year-old woman from Mercer, Pennsylvania, pleaded guilty to 15 separate charges which add up to some extremely deplorable behavior. Investigators found six videos that depict Vadala inserting various objects into a 10-year-old girl’s anus and vagina, as well as performing oral sex on the girl. The videos were then sent to two different men and discovered during a larger investigation into child pornography in South Carolina. Investigators said they had no reason to suspect there were additional victims in Vadala’s case, though Vadala did have access to other children.

enter Vadala’s lawyers attempted to defend their client, who was 19 when the videos were made, by painting her as a victim of abuse. They said she too had been sexually abused, and had a variety of physical and mental health issues. Additionally, she was in a “dark place” due to trauma surrounding the death of an uncle and her parents’ recent divorce. Vadala met the two men online while in said “dark place”, and said they had manipulated her into making and sending the videos, requesting that she bring a younger girl into their sexual relationship. Though abuse is often cyclical, there are plenty of abuse victims who do not go on to record themselves molesting children for sick pleasure of others.

acne cause does propecia It is not clear how Vadala knew the girl or how she was in a position to spend time with her alone and complete the assault. Prosecutors say the victim has suffered emotional problems and has had trouble sleeping since the abuse.

go to site Vadala’s sentence is an odd one, as six to 20 is kind of a big range. Yet regardless of how long she serves behind bars, she will apparently spend 30 years on probation and must register as a sex offender for life. The judge in the case said these kinds of cases are tough to sentence, and that, “No number of years in the penitentiary are going to fix this problem.” 

Randy Quinn (Image: WYFF4) One of the men authorities were investigating leading up to Vadala’s arrest was 38-year-old Randy Lynn Quinn, Jr. of Westminster, South Carolina. Investigators say Quinn possessed a vast amount of child pornography on various devices in his home. He was first arrested in 2011 during a federal investigation into the downloading and sharing of child pornography. Quinn had once been a state trooper who had, while on duty, sneakily taken photographs of young girls in their bathing suits on the beach. Image: Mercer County Jail

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