Brooke Craig Accused In Murder Of 7-Year-Old

acquistare levitra Sicilia Brooke Craig is a Texas woman facing capital murder charges in the death of a 7-year-old child in what is shaping up to be a bizarre case involving the child’s father, Craig’s boyfriend.

levitra professional overnight delivery According to Fox News, Craig and her BF were arrested in Dallas suburb Frisco without incident after fielding a call in which there had been a 7-year-old gunshot victim from Greenville who died shortly after being taken to a hospital.

prednisone side effects muscle mass The BF, not named in the report, was arrested in an unrelated matter to the murder — parole violation — in spite of being the child’s dad and the most likely traditional suspect. Craig, however, was booked as the victim’s sole killer. She is not the child’s mom or related to him in any way except for the connection through his dad.

watch The early reports lack enough details to determine the motive or where the child’s biological mom fits in to things. Most of you are probably boiling mad at the father as much as Craig at this point. If you had a child, how could you continue sharing the same car with his killer without reaching over and wringing his or her neck? It’s a fair question.

click As for Brooke Craig, she has a lot more to worry about than any vengeful parents at this point. That’s because she is facing capital murder of a child in the most death penalty-friendly state in the country.

cialis jelly 100 mg They are not standoffish about killing women killers there either. As MySA noted in a 2015 piece, the state has killed six women murderers since 1976 — the date it was reinstated by the U.S. Supreme Court — and six others await their execution. While those numbers may not seem like a hell of a lot, they are when you consider that nationally only 14 women have faced the death penalty since the punishment was reinstated. Texas accounts for around half of those and far more than any of its neighbors. (Arkansas has executed two.)

propecia finasteride mg For now, this one is marked still as under investigation, so Craig is innocent until proven guilty. You sure wouldn’t want to trade places with her though.

(Featured Image: McKinney Police Department)

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