source After covering crime for some period of time, and living some decades of life, I’m left with the distinct impression the criminals are only smart in the movies. Simply assume the few smarter miscreants are the ones far less likely to ever be caught, and you’re left with the dumber fish in the pond. They get caught fairly easily.

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quanto costa il levitra generico in farmacia Add to the list of shitty criminals, Briyana Valls, 22, a Pembroke Pines, Florida young lady who decided to try and extort a man she didn’t know at a sports bar in the area. The guy was watching some games and having some drinks with his buddies, when he left to hit the john and left his phone on the counter. Valls obtained the man’s phone number from his cellphone, and when the guy returned home, he received a number of texts from an unknown number telling him that she had been a girl at the bar, and would tell his wife they slept together if he didn’t pay-app here $300. She claims she had a photo of him and her together at the bar.

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how to geting finasteride from online drugstore The guy went to the cops, who had him call her back, tell her he needed to pay in person, which Valls agreed to but demanded $500. Of course, the cops followed the guy to the meet, he handed over the cash to Valls, who they promptly arrested on multiple felony counts of theft and extortion. That’ll buy you time. Valls claimed to be an innocent desperate for money to help her sick brother with his medical bills. And if you can’t trust an extortionist, who can you trust? (Photo credit: Facebook)