Brittney Whetzel, South Carolina High School Teacher, Busted for Sex and Booze Party With Students Talk about an overachiever. Brittney Whetzel, 28, a teacher at Battery Creek High School in South Carolina, is facing two counts of sexual battery for sex with two students, and three counts of providing booze to minors at the very same party with the teachers fun time event. Along with Whetzel, assistant teacher Akina Andrews, 23, was charged with supplying booze to the teens at the event, though she apparently restrained herself from going whole hog into illicit activities.

key find and buy canadian propecia best price The two students Whetzel “sexually battered” are of “at least 18 years of age”, meaning, non-minors, but South Carolina, like an ever growing number of states, has laws on the books forbidding high school teachers from banging their students even if they’ve hit the magical age of consent. Still a felony assault under the law. Which doesn’t bode well for the English teacher who likes to toss back a couple drinks and get it on with multiple students over Spring Break. You feel like maybe this used to happen and simply went down as school urban legend. Now, it’s going down as felony arrests.

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go site Earlier this year at the same Battery Creek High School, a male teacher was investigated for kissing an eighteen year old senior on the cheek and telling her he wanted to marry her. You know, pretty standard educational methods. He was subsequently released for lack of criminal evidence, merely being creepy and inappropriate remains lawful in the state and certainly among the ranks of high school teachers. Buying the seniors beer and sleeping with a couple of them, on the other hand, that’ll cost you your job and potentially put you in for some jail time.

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go to link Whetzel was placed on administrative leave by the school while her case is pending. They also promptly removed her teacher page from the high school website, as more schools are learning to do immediately upon arrest of their teachers for sexual battery. Gotta have a plan when this is becoming so common.

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