Brittney Jones Back in Custody After Infamous BJ Escapades You may recall Brittney Jones as the Jacksonville area self-promoting and sexually liberated defendant in a drug case who took her courthouse break time to provide on-live-camera fellatio to her boyfriend. You really can’t stop Florida from being awesome.

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best priceest levitra generic Brittney went on the lam from cops after an arrest warrant was issued for lewd and lascivious conduct charges. Lewd? Yes. Lascivious seems to be in the eye of the beholder. Or her boyfriend. Brittney had gained fame a couple years earlier when posting selfie sex tapes to WorldStarHipHop, showing off her supremely confident attitude about sex. You know how men respect the hell out of that in a woman.
On the run for love! Well, for sex! Oral sex in the Duval County Courthouse.

watch Brittney’s boyfriend in the courthouse hallway caper turned himself in over a week ago. He was charged with being amazingly fortunate, received several high fives from old school Duvall County Sheriff’s deputies, and was sent on his way with some coupons for TGIFridays. Brittney remained on the loose, a danger to the local community, if you define danger as some poor innocent receiving oral sex from a wild woman. This article definitely gets written differently by a female author.

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siezure disorder accutane Brittney Jones was re-arrested today thanks to the ever watchful eye of tireless law enforcement. Most likely she turned herself in. In addition to her original charges, Jones now faces those lewd and lascivious conduct charges as well as a marijuana charge that was either tacked on because she was high when they picked her up, or she was holding when she turned herself in. This woman clearly isn’t containing herself to the social norms of a polite society. Clearly the most admirable part of her persona.
Brittney Jones in younger, more halcyon days of yore. Photo credit: (cover)

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