Disturbing! Brittany Zamora Had Sex With Student While Other Student Watched

drugs like viagra and cialis work by iggy chinese natural viagra uk pharmacy Brittany Zamora may be the single most famous female teacher arrested for sex with her student of this wave over the past few years. Perhaps a combination of her good looks, blonde hair, and the level of kinkiness exposed in her sexual relations with a 13-year old male student at Las Brisas Academy outside of Phoenix, Arizona.

viagra free samples Unlike similar female teacher sex cases where there is usually a one (or two) and done in the back of the car, Brittany Zamora and her very young love interest had quite the involved sexual affair. Text messages between the two illicit lovers coming out during trial are revealing the extent of the sex play.

Brittany Zamora Wasn’t Good at Hiding Her Sexual Dalliance

china white drug ingredients viagra Based on civil suits filed against the school district by the family of the boy involved, we’ve learned that multiple people, students included, were well-weary of the relationship between Brittany Zamora and her middle school student before any sex took place.

online drug store viagra The civil suit claims that three students came forward to the principal in the weeks before the criminal relationship became truly truly to complain about Ms. Zamora heavily favoring this boy in class. Additionally, at least one of the students noted inappropriate physical touching between the two evident in class.

Bodycam footage reveals the arrest of Brittany Zamora in Goodyear, AZ.

real viagra without prescription The lack of serious attention to this matter, and the subsequent escalation of Zamora’s relationship with the boy into a full-fledged sexual affair, likely means the school and school district will be doling out money big time in a financial settlement to the family.

We Already Knew About Some Sexually Charged Texts

before then buy viagra professional online canadian drugstore From the arrest report last year, we already knew of a sample of the texts discovered between Brittany Zamora and her underaged lover. The more infamous of these perhaps the one where Zamora tells the boy she wished she could quit her job to have sex with him all day long. That’s definitely not in the class syllabus.

generic viagra canadian “I know baby! I want you every day with no time limit.”
“If I could quit my job and (have sex with) you all day long, I would.”

— Brittany Zamora, texting her very very young secret boyfriend

buy viagra com We also know that the boy was infatuated with his blonde sexy teacher. He would pass her numerous love notes, as you might expect from a 13-year old in way over his fantasy head could even imagine.

new drug better than viagra pill The sheer number and depth of these exchanges between the two points out the way in which Zamora believed this to be a real relationship. This from a recently married woman who likely was pursued by adult men in her past and had no shortage of dating opportunities.

Next Messages Reveal the Extent of the Sexual Relations

mercury drug philippines viagra Presented in court, we now know that Britany Zamora and her illegally young boyfriend had sexual intercourse four times, between her classroom and her car. In fact, at one point she volunteered to drive him to his grandfather’s house so the pair could have sex in her car.

see url In a far more shocking allegation, prosecutors contend that Zamora had sex with her male victim at least once in her classroom in front of another student. The word “brazen” in the dictionary might need an update. As does the phrase “crazy kinky unthinking teacher” if that’s in there as well.

Additionally, court proceedings reveal that Brittany Zamora and her student boyfriend touched each other sexually in the classroom while the class was watching videos. What’s that word that means something even more than brazen? This is approaching 9 1/2 Weeks territory.

Brittany Zamora’s Future Looks Bleak

In a police recorded video, upon her arrest, Zamora is heard concerned about being placed in jail due to her small stature. Not an undue concern. But one that seems imminently like an issue she’ll have to resolve for an extensive period of time in the near future.

It’s unclear what her defense will look like during trial. Assume some level of mental illness or other health condition will be presented. That’s standard. But between the likely outcome of this criminal case, and the mounting lawsuits, assume Zamora will be going to a dark place for a good long while.

The Wave of Female Teacher Criminal Sex Cases Rolls On

As the demographics of middle school and high school teachers moves ever toward vibrant young sexually-active women, and with the rise of social media and private digital communications, it’s no surprise we’ve witnessed a phenomenon of female teachers having inappropriate sexual affairs with their young students.

Gabriella Del Carmen: WTF was she thinking?

In Brittany Zamora’s home state of Arizona alone recently, we covered the case of teacher Isabella Bowman, arrested for sex with an underaged teen, and daycare worker, Grabriella Del Carmen who was Snapchatting sex-simulation videos whilst supervising the tots.

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