Court Document: Brittany Zamora Was Grooming at Least One Other School Boy levitra prezzo Defrocked Arizona teacher, Brittany Zamora, 28, has already begun serving her 20-year sentence for an intensely sexual relationship with a student of hers at Las Brisas Academy, but new court documents reveal she was also courting another young boy from her class. The parents of that boy declined to prosecute, knowing that Zamora would get her prison time on her sex crimes with her main 13-year old boyfriend.

According to court reports, Zamora was engaged in “grooming” conversations with a second young boy from her class. The boy testified initially that Zamora had promised to send him nude photos of herself over the summer. Also, in at least one conversation, she asked him about his penis and whether he was circumcised or not. The boy didn’t understand what that meant so Zamora showed him a picture of a naked man on her phone. You know, a teaching moment.

The boy testified that the recess bell rang and he ran out of the classroom. Saved by the bell, literally.

Brittany Zamora: best or worst teacher ever?

During the course of her sex crimes trial, Zamora, and in public comments through her attorney, insisted the underlying illicit sex acts were a result of her mental illness and stress, and not at all characteristic of her as a nice person and a caring teacher. The fact that she appeared to be going after more young flesh in a rather technical fashion probably worked against her in the courtroom. Albeit, the court-appointed shrink did indicate that Zamora was not clinically a pedophile. Which is probably not much consolation to the parents of the boy she groomed and raped on multiple occasions.

At some point, there will be a Mindhunter type FBI book on what is driving these otherwise highly eligible women to be dragging underaged students into the backs of their cars for presumably physically underwhelming sexual episodes. For now, we go with “troubled”. And troubled is growing fast.

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