Brittany Zamora Receives 20 Year Prison Sentence for Sex With Her 13-Year Old Student

about erectile dysfunction The year-and-a-half saga of mid-20’s Arizona school teacher, Brittany Zamora, has finally come to an end. The newlywed Las Brisas Academy teacher’s now famous blonde locks, replaced by her natural brown grown out in prison where apparently they don’t allow dye jobs. (Though in California prison they will pay for you to change sexes.) Zamora became wickedly famous in March of 2018 when arrested for a rather sexually torrid affair with a 13-year old boy in her class. The pair moved from giggling, to hand holding, to sending lewd come-ons via text and private messages, to nude photos of the Zamora, to multiple rounds of sex. All this while pretty much even the little kids at school knew something was up and told the principal. No word on if the newlywed husband was wise to any of it.

Nothing puts a new marriage to the test like when one of the spouses is arrested for sex with a sixth-grader.

Zamora’s defense never really bothered to put up a not-guilty case. There were texts from Zamora to the boy declaring “I wish I could have sex with you all day long”. And the photos. And a male student witness who Zamora ordered to play the role of lookout while she gave her favorite student a handjob while other kids in the class watched a video. No way you say it didn’t happen.

But facing a potential 44-years in the clink, Zamora had to come up with something. Largely, that plan involved her throwing herself on the mercy of the court. In repeated moments in court, Zamora and her counsel talked about Zamora having zero criminal record, being a law-abiding citizen, and, obviously a teacher.

Also, Zamora benefitted from a court-ordered psych evaluation which showed her not to fit a sexual-pedophile profile. Rather, her defense team argued she suffered from depression and anxiety and her sexual comings-on to the boy were a result of her general mental illness therein.

A year plus later, Brittany Zamora is down to the blonde tips or her natural hair color.

In the end, this past week, Zamora faced the judge for the last time (pending appeal). She was hit with a 20-year sentence, the years her defense team had requested in a reduction from the 44 possible. Even those 20 come with lifetime probation for when she gets out, and the obligatory sex offender registry, also for life.

Once sentencing was complete, Zamora’s attorney let loose with a new line of defense that never would’ve flown in court — he kind of blamed the boy. He told the press after the sentencing hearing that this boy was “a teenager”, implying he was sexually motivated, even at thirteen, that the boy was a troubled and disciplinary problem kid and the parents routinely had to talk to the principal in his regard, and that the kid had multiple social media accounts he actively used without his parents’ knowledge. In short, this was more a meetup of two troubled but sexually inclined people rather than a predator and prey situation.

When Zamora was arrested, her primary fear was being in jail with much larger, scarier women. She’s about to put that fear to the real test.

While you might give some amount of credence to that line of thinking, it matters little under law. It doesn’t matter how much Lolita teases you, it’s still verboten. And, rightfully so, the boy’s parents in court noted how often female teachers, especially pretty ones with blonde hair, get different penal results from underaged sex cases than gross looking men. They made it clear to the judge that Zamora needed to be sentenced just like a gross looking man. And it seems she was.

What’s to be learned from this case. Perhaps the most publicized in this last several years spike in female teacher sex crimes.

The rise of these cases is clearly related to a combination of (1) having a new generation of female teachers who are young, sexually active, socially-outgoing, attractive, and yes, always a touch of crazy; and (2) social media and private messages allowing illicit relationships to percolate over time, a.k.a. grooming.

Where did it all go wrong for this newlywed, proposed to after a skydive.

Do you realize how hard it was in the past for a teacher to get their provocative nude photos to a student? Launch the Polaroids through their upper floor bedroom window after a secret whistle is exchanged? With Snapchat — one click — five seconds — and I’m told they erase it!

Social media is the perfect instrument for the predator, male or female. For the women, the validation and esteem potential all on the secrecy of your phone is tremendous. Now add that crazy and stressed and young and weirdly missing love in your life despite being married or even having little kids and you’ve got the melting pot for 22-years in prison and massive lawsuits against the schools.

Of course, there are those of you quite content to see the Brittany Zamoras of the world continue to pleasure troubled teens in their classroom. I won’t put that down since I’m definitely on the fence, leaning Zamora.

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