A South Carolina woman is accused of murdering her father after her parents asked her to move out.

Brittany Simpson, 31, has been charged with murder and possession of a firearm during a violent crime. She is accused of shooting her father, 66-year-old Robert Simpson on Tuesday. Simpson’s sister, Brooke Simpson, placed the 911 call. First responders found Mr. Simpson alive, but were ultimately unable to save him.

Authorities say that Simpson had been staying with her parents and that while she had pitched in on utilities in March, she did not typically pay rent. Her parents had apparently wanted her out of their home, which may point to a motive. A judge signed an eviction order on May 4, ordering Simpson out of the home. This means that her parents went to court were pretty damn serious about wanting her out. Simpson’s attorney, David Aylor, says his client was not employed at the time, but was enrolled in classes and on disability. What she was on disability for is unclear.

Brittany Simpson (Image: Facebook)

““Though she wasn’t currently working, she was still a pretty active person in regards to recreational activities and things like that, her disability wasn’t hampering her from that,” Aylor said.

Police say that Simpson first tried to point the finger at an unknown intruder, saying that someone had come in the back door of their home. However, police later found Simpson’s clothes and a gun in a nearby creek and Simpson eventually admitted that she was the one who pulled the trigger.

Image: Charleston County Sheriff’s Office