Brittany Seger Mentoring Teen Prostitutes at the Toledo Quality Inn

go here There are many ways to get involved and mentor a teen. Letting them hang in your motel room and use your phone to post prostitution services ads in is not one you’ll see in the brochures. Though surmise it probably goes on more than you’d like to know.

go to site Brittany Seger was arrested for turning such a trick with a seventeen year old girl at a Toledo, Ohio Quality Inn. Seger let the girl use her phone and room to try and set up some sex for hire clients. In addition to being horribly unseemly, it’s also quite criminal. Though not so much so that Seger wasn’t released on her own recognizance from jail pending trial on these charges. Assume she has a long list. Also that police don’t take prostitution particularly seriously. You have to make some decisions about how to direct limited law enforcement resources, and presume they imagine both the adult and the technical minor in this situation to be mostly locked into a lifestyle.

see url As for the Quality Inn, shame on you. If you’re going to rent half your rooms to prostitutes, about your average, you should be checking IDs and enforcing age limits on the girls running johns in and out of your motels. If you’ve ever had the privilege of staying in cheap motel chains on the road, you know of what I speak. There’s the ice machine, the candy vending machine, and prostitution. The three staples of these chains. Okay, yes, a tiny pool. May God take pity on your soul if you ever submerge in that water.

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