click here It’s something that happens more often than you’d think, unless, of course, you happen to read this site regularly. A young woman becomes pregnant, surreptitiously gives birth, and then ditches the baby like a piece of garbage. When the baby is found, there are legal consequences. But it sort of makes you wonder how many infants are never found, huh?

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source url Brittany Robinson, a 23-year-old Pennsylvania is the latest accused of the pulling and birth-and-ditch, and she might have gotten away with it were it not nearly Christmas. Robinson’s father was preparing to hang up some holiday lights. While fiddling around under the porch of his home, he discovered a plastic bag in a crawl space. Inside, he found the body of a newborn baby boy wrapped in a T-shirt. He immediately contacted the police, who determined that the baby was born alive, cleaned up, and hidden in the crawl space sometime within the last 24 hours.

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canadian levitra 20mg Authorities have now accused Robinson of killing the boy and hiding his body. It’s not clear how the boy died yet: it’s possible he was simply left for dead, or killed by some other means prior to being placed under the porch. It certainly makes this meme she posted chilling: 
Cuz, yeah, if they’re a baby, that’ll do the trick!

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click here Robinson lived in the home with her dad, two brothers, and another man. Police say they spoke with all of the aforementioned extensively, and it sounds like Robinson may have successfully concealed her pregnancy from all of them. She also gave birth to another child when she was a teen. That child is now 8 years old, but she does not have custody of the youngster. As a reminder into the void, a woman who does not wish to keep her baby can drop said baby off at a fire station or other approved place up to 72 hours after giving birth, no questions ask. This is totally legal, so there’s honestly no reason anyone, no matter how stressed or confused, should do something like this.

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hints to use levitra tablets Featured Image: Brittany Robinson (Facebook)