Brittany Dawn Facing Allegations of Scamming Her Fitness Clients… See the Photos

lifelong side effects from the accutane Let’s start off with the concession that people who too much face in a bleached blonde fitness trainer perhaps get a little taste of what their own naïveté merits. We know why men fall for these women and do stupid things; the reason why women happily hand over cash to these taut ab and tight-bottomed ladies is an entirely more complex bit of psychology.

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accutane generic cheap Brittany Dawn Davis, a Dallas-based fitness trainer with a large social media following, has been beset recently by thousands of angry female fitness and nutrition program clients unhappy with her $300 program of customized workout and nutrition plans, promises of phone support, and generally be a great inspiration for people who like to pay other people to help them unlock the super secret of being fit and healthy. Yes, it is just eating right and exercise like Mr. T told you. Plus a bunch of you-go-girls.


generic levitra 517 You play with the spear and you will get stuck. In this case, the spear are tons of angry women who claim Brittany let them down with her laughably standardized programs (not the least bit customized), her platitude inspirational responses, when she would finally respond to queries, and a general sense that they were being scammed out of several hundred bucks for some Xeroxed nutritional tips and workout routines. Not at all what was being promised in her high energy sales and marketing material. You were supposed to get the real Brittany. Whatever that is.

get link Naturally, any woman with decent looks, a hard body, bottles of spray tan, some smartly composed before and after photos, and a $500 Fitness and Nutrition Specialist course certificate from NMS can realistically become a successful trainer. What with Instagram for hot selfies, YouTube for inspiring chats, and Twitter for whatever the hell you do on Twitter, you can lather up large groups of women looking for the key to happiness. For $300, naturally. It also helps to book favorable spreads in ladies online mags like PopSugar and similar.

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Whoa is me and my hot abs

levitra fast delivery In the face of a Facebook group with complaints about her program, Brittany Dawn took to YouTube to milk the hell out of the modern practice of mea culpa without much behind it. You see, she’s the victim of reaching too far, building too big and loving how much she wants to help other women too much. In a sense, you weren’t scammed. You merely helped her become a victim of empowerment. Sometimes it’s hard to be a super skinny woman who’s not particularly good looking but can pull of stunning social media selfies.

get link To date, there have been no criminal charges against Brittany Dawn Davis, only a growing chorus of reports to the Better Business Bureau and the like

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