follow site Not sure what the English police are into these days, but apparently being pretty lenient with female teachers getting teen students loaded and into their bed is one of their hobbies. Somehow, Laurie Softley, now 34, a Derbyshire high school choir and music teacher had sex with a 17-year old boy back in 2008 that she plied with booze before taking him home to shag, and pretty much the same routine again in 2012, though from testimony the boy performed “upon her a sex act”, and she was sort of let off the hook both times by coppers. Not that they didn’t interview her about the matters. They did, both times, and decided no big deal.

proscar cost shoppers drug mart In 2017, Softley (you must love that name), was interviewed by the police once more about these past allegations. The police decided not to file charges but to turn the case over to what is essentially a Child Protective Services office for follow-up. That hand-off did lead to extended testimony from both boys about the evening of their sexual dalliances with Ms. Softley, who taught one of them to play the recorder, no less. Eventually the matter got pushed to the board that oversees the conduct of teacher and she was summarily fired this past September.

go to site In a hearing that took place after her firing, because that’s how England works, the board confirmed Softley’s “gross misconduct” and perhaps gave her a bunch of wagging fingers and tut-tuts. Presumably she’ll never teach again in this shire.

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