British Math Teacher Given House Arrest for Lesbian Affair with 15-Year Old Student A Liverpool area math teacher, or maths as they prefer in England, was sentenced to the sex offender registry, loss of her teaching license, and a house curfew that keeps her in at night after admitting to multiple counts of romantic relations with a girl in her class, beginning at age 15 and carrying on for a year or longer. Clare Kenney, 28, claims she was distraught after her fiancé broke off their engagement, and found solace in the arms of a teen girl in her class she’d been teaching since age 12 at the Merseyside High School. Naturally the relationship began with help in math and studies, then small gifts, a little cash her and there, and eventually hanging out at Kenney’s home, camping trips, and other alone time with her young “girlfriend”. The girl in question initially balked at confirming any inappropriate relations with her teacher, but eventually admitted to investigators they were romantic together, slept together, and kissed. Kenney admitted to the offenses, even though she insisted she would never have sex with the girl until she turned 18. Strong moral code and all.

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source link Perhaps because there was no serious sexual activity, or simply because England is both sexist and progressive simultaneously, Kenney was treated to a solid tongue-lashing from the judge in the case, followed by very little real punishment, outside of the tremendous shame her assured her would now follow her. Like an old English novel, that shame bit is often seen as far worse than prison.

dove acquistare viagra generico a Torino We have been unable to secure any photos of Clare Kenney but presume based on this story and it’s locale, she’s a dowdy or frumpy woman of tremendous British distinction.
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