British Geography Teacher Banned for Life After Lesbian Affair With 15-Year Old Student Nobody ever suspects the Brits of being improper. I think it’s the accent. Formal Elizabethan English can get you off the Usual Suspects list pretty quickly. Though not so for Suzanne Harrison, now 46, but at the time of her offense, 33, recently banned for life from teaching by some super slow moving body in England that decides such matters.


free trial of viagra Harrison was a geography teacher in 2006 when she came to be friends with a 15-year old female student, and friends with her family as well. So much so that the family let Harrison watch their daughter as a sitter of sorts. Ah, there’s the rub. Because that’s when Harrison made her first move on the teen girl and the sex never stopped for the next four years. Such is the power of an older lesbian with good technique. Plus all of those emotions from being inexperienced and having an older woman show you the way. I’m a guy, so I have no idea what I’m talking about, but I’ve read it in various lesbian erotic journals I occasionally peruse.

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buy generic cialis Harrison was busted way back in 2010 when she passed her now late teen girl lover off to a woman she knew to be her new girlfriend. That’s when the girl spilled the beans and the authorities were called. Vagina is not a territory you’re allowed to teach in high school geometry apparently. In 2011, Harrison was suspended from teaching and facing all kind of charges from various British sounding courts which essentially did nothing because England doesn’t take these kinds of offenses all that offensively, plus gender bias naturally.

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buy cialis canada No word on why the good people of England have a teaching authority oversight group that took another eight years to lifetime ban Harrison from teaching, but they just did this past week. They called out her abuse of trust, now many years earlier, mentioned the word sex and all giggled to themselves, then told her she’d never work again in this country. Likely, being a famous defiler of teen girl students, she wasn’t really working in the profession any longer. But she is blonde and a British 8 or an American 6, so presume she made out okay regardless. Ah, teachers. If they’re not striking, they are scoring.

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