siti sicuri per comprare viagra generico 100 mg pagamento online a Genova Among the dirty things in this world you may not know exist, there is a bustling online business for female airline flight attendants’ (nee stewardess) heavily worn hose, shoes, and presumably other underthings. If you’ve flown any major airline in the last several decades, you’ve been witness to the de-sexification of female flight attendants by every means possible. They are heavier, older, less attractive, and more matronly dressed than in the heyday of air travel when sexy young things bearing cocktails helped sell the allure of flights for business travelers. Yet, you can’t stop a good foot fetish or the men willing to pay for their deviant lust. Here’s a good article on the booming business.

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enter site Obviously, to find the buyers for your worn garments and shoes, you need to market their availability. Not just the items themselves, worn and stinky, but the women leaving the scent behind. Obviously, a working flight attendant can’t reveal their true identity when hawking odiferous hose, so these videos often contain blurred faces and modified voices even to mask the identity of the smelly foot woman making coin on the side of her main employment.

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source This leave the airlines preaching to their employees how the sale of worn airline apparel clearly violates their employment agreements, and subsequently, tracking down the women who continue to turn a side profit from the smell affair. British Airways recently uncovered a video circulating of one healthy-sized female flight attendant smelling her own shoes and tights for a prospective buyer. Apparently, they tracked down the flight attendant in the grotesque short film and sacked her immediately. This being England, everything was done on the Q.T. with no names mentioned. Though I suppose if your neighbor in England is a chubby blonde woman who was recently fired from BA and drives a car that seems to nice for her job, that would be her. Don’t ask to smell her shoes. You probably can’t afford it.