Brianna Rae Brochu Secretly Smeared Her Tampon Blood on College Roommate’s Backpack

go to link In one of those heartwarming cases that will make you love people all over again, University of Hartford freshman, Brianna Rae Brochu, stands accused of various no longer hidden disgusting assaults against her roommate, Chennel Rowe. The fact that Brochu is a blond white freshman and Rowe is black lends the bigotry aspect to this case of disturbing harassment.

generic accutane sotret cvs Brochu, being the smart nut that she is, started dishing on her Instagram account to her girlfriends about all the twisted shit she was doing to drive out her randomly assigned dorm mate, Rowe. This include the lady like parlor tricks of rubbing her tampon blood secretly on Rowe’s backpack, spitting in her coconut oil, and putting moldy clam dip in Rowe’s body lotions. She also boasted about licking Rowe’s food utensils and putting Rowe’s toothbrush “where the sun don’t shine”. Most shocking is that that tired expression is still in use among the kids these days.

moisturizer to use with accutane Brochu capped off her Instagram bragging with “I can finally say goodbye to Jamaican Barbie”. She seems like a kind soul.

Ah, Brianna Rae Brochu, seems like such an innocent young lass. Rowe was unaware of Brochu’s secret psychological operations against her, only that she felt entirely unwelcome in the room she shared with Brochu and requested a transfer to different housing. It was only as Rowe was packing to leave that others aware of Brochu’s Instagram accounting brought the sick deeds to her attention.

Chennel Rowe on Facebook Live explaining her scary roommates sick deeds. Rowe took to Facebook Live to out Brochu and her litany of psycho exploits. That video went viral and along with Rowe’s reporting of the incidents to the University of Hartford administration, the case was taken up by the local authorities.

follow url During an interview with police, Brochu copped to the whole tampon blood on backpack thing and maybe some licking of utensils, but claimed everything else she listed on Instagram was merely made up for bragging purposes. You know how spitting in people’s hygiene products wins you popularity points. Brochu also claims Rowe was equally bitchy back to her during their short time together, which may very well be true, but unless she rubbed her menstrual blood on your possessions, you’re not going to win this it-takes-two-to-tango line of defense.

follow Police are still contemplating charges in the case, though there are strong rumblings of hate crime extensions. Brochu is somewhere in hiding at the moment, with the University of Hartford only stating that she is no longer a student of their esteemed institution.

source url You know how idiotic eighteen year olds are, especially during their first several months at college. Though in these exceptional cases, you wonder who the hell raised these kids. It’s one thing to harbor some kind bias toward your roommate from a different culture, background, or maybe even color. It’s another thing to express your weird family-trained discomfort by being a disgusting pig. Let’s talk to the parents. They must be wonders.

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