Who says tattooed single teen moms aren’t the hardest working demographic in our nation? I certainly didn’t. Maybe social scientists would differ. They have the data.

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follow url Brianna Byrd, 19, of Osceola, Arkansas, was busted this week at a Quality Inn hotel across the state in Maumelle, Arkansas for intending to supply a 15-year old female relative for prostitution services. In case you’re wondering, ever Quality Inn hotel is hosting prostitutes each evening, though not all underage girls, that’s at best 56% of their participating locations.

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source site It’s unclear who tipped off local detectives to Byrd and her underaged relative in the end of the road motel, but when they arrived, the found Byrd, her younger relative, and demanded to see her cellphone camera, which not surprisingly contained nude images of her teen relative. Presumably, she was formulating an ad campaign, or perhaps was completing an illicit deal with undercover Vice cops online by agreeing to send naked photos. In either case, while the prostitution charge could not be met, Byrd was arrested for having naked photos of a 15-year old on her telephone. Child porn. She was booked on such charges and later released on bond.

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watch Based on her social media feeds, Byrd appears to be a single mom of an infant daughter, which is both sad and scary. Scary in that the two shall soon be parted; sad in that she has a little daughter and given how she’s treated other younger relatives in her family, she ought not be a parent perhaps. Not everybody gets an MTV reality deal for getting knocked up in high school. Some have to pay the rent. This is not the best income source idea.