Brentwood School Chemistry Teacher Sentenced to Prison for Sex With Student You may recall the arrest and charging of post Brentwood School teacher, Aimee Palmitessa, last year. The 47-year old chemistry teacher at the school was charged with numerous counts of sexual impropriety with a 17-year old male student at the school.

go to site Subsequent to the criminal charges, the boy’s family sued the Brentwood School for knowing of the budding relationship between female teacher and student and doing little to nothing to stop it. This past week, Palmitessa pleaded guilty to three counts of unlawful sexual intercourse with a student and was immediately sentences to three years in prison.

Palmitessa Courted and Groomed Her Teen Student Lover

canada meds viagra In 2016, a celebrity gossip story broke about the rich kids at the Brentwood School recording a video at a party singing the words to a rap song that included a big n-bomb. Barry Bonds has a child at the school where the likes of Seth Rogen, Adam Levine, and Jonah Hill attended as Hollywood kids. Bonds made a big deal out of the video and the racism therein from all the rich white kids at the school, and the story went viral.

Everybody deserves their day in court; Palmitessa didn’t appear to enjoy hers.

nitrates and viagra can be a deadly combination drugs All of the students who appeared in the video were set to face charge the “honor board’ at the school, each provided a teacher-advocate in their defense.

follow site One of the boys selected Aimee Palmitessa to be his advocate in the matter. And thus began the relationship between the two that would turn into “hand-hold” sighting on the school quad, the obligatory naughty texts and photos, and eventually concerts and dates off-campus, followed by sexual intercourse. The latter on at least three occasions.

The Boy Felt Immediately Guilty

online pharmacy viagra According to police reports, the boy’s father was the first to uncover the sexual fling between his son and teacher. The father used a tracker app on his son’s phone to discover that the boy wasn’t at summer football practice, but rather Palmitessa’s home. Now that’s odd. Father confronted son who immediately confessed to the horribleness of having amazing sex and fun time outings with his attractive middle aged female teacher. The pair went immediately to authorities with all the damning texts as evidence.

Teacher teacher, what can you teacher me? Palmitessa was charged with twelve counts initially related to her illicit sexual summer fling with the boy, though this past week she took a guilty plea on three of the counts, and the three years in prison. Assume she’ll get out in half time; still, that’s quite a bit more severe a penalty than, say, Jussie Smollett received, let alone Brentwood neighbor Felicity Huffman will receive for conspiring to fake her kids SAT scores.

Multiple Adults at the Brentwood School Apparently Knew of the Relationship

click According to the lawsuit filed by the boy’s family against the famous private school, multiple adults at the school were aware of the relationship between Palmitessa and the boy. At least one other male student at the school had gone to the administration to report that Palmitessa had exchanged highly inappropriate texts with him. The response of the school head was but to tell Palmitessa to “cool it”. Clearly she did not.

Short clip of the infamous Brentwood School party “n-bomb” tape

canadian viagra buy online drugstore The lawsuit claims that the boy visited the Brentwood School counselor to share his relationship with Palmitessa in confidence. The counselor allegedly told the boy to “keep it going”. Not bad advice from a buddy, not what you’d expect from a licensed school counselor. Also, illegal under the law where reporting to the authorities of teacher-student sex is mandatory.

see url Expect that the school for wealthy scions will be paying through the nose in some kind of settlement.

As for Palmitessa, the highly decorated chemistry teacher, her hot loins will be cooling off in the state pen through at least the 2021 New Year’s.

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