Breana Talbott Confesses to Lying About Being Raped by ‘Three Black Men’

go to link Everybody tells a lie every now and then. Breana Talbott told a whopper. The kind of lie that ruins reputations, tears apart communities and forever cements your name in the annals of history as one truly reprehensible person. At only eighteen years of age, you might rationally understand a young woman falsely claiming rape for any number of invalid, but self-interested reasons. Breana Talbott’s false claim was totally different. Breana Talbott walked into Denison, Texas church mid-service, blooded, in torn clothes, her pants missing altogether, cut, scratched, bruised, and telling a tale of being brutally raped in the woods by “three black men”. The Denison police were called immediately. They had already been searching for Talbott for several hours after her fiancé had called them with word that Breana’s car was in the apartment garage, door open, keys and phone on the ground, and no sign of Breana. Pretty basic signs of a random and violent abduction, as the one described by Talbott. The police searched the wood area where Breana claims the three men in ski masks took her and assaulted her. They found pieces of her torn clothing and other personal effects. A manhunt for the violent trio of black male attackers ensued. As did an explosion of racist diatribes on the net by white supremacist trolls citing the case of the white teen raped by three black thugs.

cheapest generic levitra professional At the same time, veteran investigators took note of several holes in Breana Talbott’s story.

get link There were things that just did not add up with what we were seeing. Among these things. The scene of both the abduction and the assault had signs of being staged. Additionally, Talbott’s medical examination showed no obvious of sexual assault. Before the onion got entirely peeled back, two weeks into the investigation, Talbott confessed to the police that she had made the entire story up as a hoax. She had staged the crime scenes and even injured herself to create the illusion of an assault. Presumably she mentioned some reason behind her silly little hoax. And presumably they informed her of the difference between a hoax and a blatantly racist version of the already heinous act of falsely crying rape. Though neither of these conversations has been made public. Because Talbott didn’t actually name an accuser, the most she could be charged with was wasting the shit out of police time and being a horrible person. That’s a misdemeanor. Also, she had to remove the GoFundMe donation page she’d set up for her rape victim recovery. Which in itself might explain the motivation for staging the crime in the first place. There’s no information as to how much money she may have received, if any.

Eighteen is too young to be engaged. If you’re giving advice to her fiancé  the word “run” comes to mind. It takes a sick mind to concoct a sick story. Bloodying ourself to sell the story is almost certainly a sign of a mental disorder. Sleep with one eye open.

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