We often cover the criminal arrests and cases of female teachers caught having sex with their male, or sometimes female, teen students. It happens all the time these days, despite the teachers unions and New York Times insisting it’s merely overblown hysteria. It’s not. It’s far more common than ever before.

follow site What we cover far less than the arrest of these generally sociable and attractive, often married female teachers are the lawsuits that follow. There are always lawsuits. And given that you’re the parents of a kid who had sex with an employee of an institution that is supposed to make sure their employees do not have sex with the kids, you’re going to lose something. Regardless of what kind of “we did everything we were supposed to do” CYA statement the schools always issue after their staff are arrested for sex crimes.

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follow One of the two male students at the Pickens Academy in Carrolton, Alabama who had multiple sexual interludes with female P.E. teacher and girls basketball coach, Charli Parker, 29, is suing the Academy. You may recall the Parker case as she was arrested in 2017 for long term sexual relations with two high school boys at the Academy, including sexual interludes in the local cemetery. If that wasn’t memorable enough, Parker’s husband who also was on staff at the school, was also arrested for having sex with teen girl recent graduates of the Academy. No indication the Parkers ever worked together; though the couple that statutory rapes together does stay together, at least until prison.

comprare viagra generico 100 mg pagamento online a Roma Charli Parker is currently serving a two plus year stint in state prison, though she’s appealing her case with other Alabama teachers who all claim that 16 and up is fair game, even if members of their high school classes. Meanwhile, the boy’s family is suing Pickens claiming they were negligent in their basic responsibility for student safety. The family lawsuit alleges that administrators at Pickens knew for some time about rumors of Mrs. Parker and the boys at the school and did zilch about it. Further, the lawsuit claims that Charli Parker herself, while a student at the very same school, had a sexual affair with a teacher at the school. And since Pickens knew about that incident, they should’ve been doubly cautious about Mrs. Parker’s dalliances.

lowest price for viagra These lawsuits are worth tracking because most of them are aimed at the public schools that employee the arrest faculty members and guess who’s footing that lawsuit settlement cost? That’s right, bub. It’s you. And you thought this whole phenomenon was kind of cute.