Bottom’s Up Bikini Baristas Driven Out of California Town

acquistare viagra in italia : Offriamo una vasta gamma dei farmaci a prezzi bassi - avere la consegna in tutto il mondo. It’s hard to say who was the first businessperson to come up with the model: let’s do exactly what everybody else is doing, but hire hot girls in skimpy outfits to do it. Hooters obviously comes to mind. Southwest Airlines did the same in Texas decades ago. In the HBO show, The Deuce, John Franco plays a rundown midtown 1972 Manhattan bar manager whose genius strategy is to put his waitresses in tight leotards. Hint: it works.

Remember the Harlem Shake challenge? Here it is sexy bikini barista style

viagra professional prices Perhaps this isn’t so much an issue of who came up with the idea first, as much as, who was able to get away with it first, without police raids, legal rousting, and protest marches outside your doors.

Bottom’s Up Espresso Did Just This With Your Morning Coffee

levothyroxine drug ingredients viagra There’s no doubt that coffee has become a big business in the U.S. and numerous other consumer rich countries. What used to be a cup of Joe for 25-cents at a convenience store, donut shop, or fast food restaurant, suddenly became a four dollar cup of coffee with some whipped milk and sugar products. Now that’s real money.

pharmacy price comparison viagra Bottom’s Up Espresso took that, “Let’s be Starbucks, but in our stores we’ll…” fill-in-the-blank mission statement, and filled it in with hot baristas in bikinis.

peut ton acheter du viagra en pharmacie sans ordonnance de non Started in Modesto, California in 2011, Bottom’s Up Espresso has slowly been opening outlets around the less sexy parts of state, away from the coastal regions. And when you’re in the less sexy parts, sex really sells.

American Canyon Wanted No Part In This “Adult” Business.

go here You’ve probably never heard of American Canyon, California. I lived 30 miles away from American Canyon for numerous years, and I never heard of American Canyon. It’s a town due South of Napa, since you’ve at least heard of Napa.

global drugs direct viagra sales The City Council of American Canyon, after Bottom’s Up Espresso initially received approval to move in, overrode the decision by determining that the dress of the baristas would categorize the coffee shop as an adult business. That seems silly to any man who’s ever been to an actual adult business, I’m looking at all of you, but apparently the city code defines it by how the employees dress:

get link the city’s municipal code [also] requires workers to cover specific “anatomical areas” of the body, including the buttocks, the pubic area, and the breasts below the areola. Otherwise, it may be classified as an adult-entertainment establishment.


click here Bottom’s Up Espresso CEO, Nate Wilson, expressed his dismay at the location reversal, citing that rather tired trope that his employees don’t show any more than your typical young lady at the beach these days. That’s one of those statements that’s perfectly true, but runs afoul of the contextually relevant test. As a for instance, try that excuse at your job when you show up in just a thong.

Bottom’s Up Espresso Surrendered Wilson was quick to note that his bikini barista coffee company could easily take the city of American Canyon to court over the issue and win. But, because he loves America, and doesn’t want to cost local taxpayers court costs, he’s simply going to give up the ghost on this location. The veracity of that previous statement isn’t entirely provable, but it sounds good when people say stuff like that in public standing in front of an American flag green screen image.

Of course, the reaction to running the bikini coffee girls out of town has been mixed. As in, most every woman asked says, great, and most every guy asked says, damnit.

Even Bottom’s Up Espresso’s co-founder, Alexandra Green, exudes the company sexy.

You do have to wonder if, even the sexy women lovers among us, so, all of us, aren’t better off keeping our lurid leering needs separate from our food and beverage expenditures.

As a for instance, the food at Hooter’s isn’t particularly good by any measure, the beer is often flat, and it’s generally a horrible place to watch a game. Yet, we go. Wouldn’t we perhaps be better off enjoying better food, at a better sports bra, from a perfectly efficient waiter named Steve, then after the game visiting the boob-bar next door for pleasures of the Id?

These are the questions that keep me up at night. Along with the unnecessary number of coffees I’d purchase from a place like Bottom’s Up Espresso merely because I think I’m getting somewhere with the bikini barista who remembers my order.

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