Woman Smuggler Tries Her Hand At People

It is never a good sign for your home country when you are willing to leave it in a suitcase just to find a better life. One 19-year-old migrant from Gabon — a place we’ll never be adding to the vacation plans, apparently — attempted just that with the help of a willing accomplice. The border crossing woman, whom CNN did not name in their report, was described as a 22-year-old attempting to cross over into the Spanish territory of Cueta.

When authorities started showing closer interest in her luggage, she became “evasive” and went “through the established controls and nervousness,” Spanish officials told the news site. It did not take long for the light bulbs to go off and open the case. Then, what-do-ya-know, a human pretzel.

The man had to receive immediate medical attention for lack of oxygen, and he should probably be happy about that, at least until he is returned to his home country. It is not clear how long it would have been before the woman could have gotten him through security, but it’s no stretch to assume he would have been dead by then, which is really no way to kick things off when visiting a new country.

Unfortunately, the CNN report leaves a lot of gaps in the story other than the woman’s name, like for example, what happens to her? What about the guy? What are the punishments for smuggling and/or killing someone over there? Does it matter if you mean well, even if you have to resort to Human Centipede torture levels to pull it off? Enquiring minds would like to know.

What is known about the area is that there is a real migrant problem with more than 800 African migrants recently trying to storm a border fence into Cueta. The army of hopefuls were coming from neighboring Morocco on New Year’s Day, and probably not for that country’s version of Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.

Well, let’s hope everyone involved here turns out okay.

(Featured Image: Cueta Border Officials)