Blue Bell Ice Cream Licker Facing Hard Prison Time Discount Pharmacy Online UPDATE: The girl in the video has now been identified as an underaged female, meaning her name won’t be released and she probably won’t be punished fairly severely. Ah, youth, especially in busty crop tops.

go to link We will never have another Greatest Generation. Not that today’s teens and young 20-somethings are intellectually inferior to their similar demographic of yore, they are simply driven by an entire ludicrous set of self-attention principles. Social media is responsible for driving that lesser angel characteristic through the roof.

Real criminals are filming themselves committing crimes and thereby hanging their own necks, and dumb people are filming themselves doing stupid or even illegal acts and sharing on their social media accounts. “This will get likes” has replaced every other form of argument as to the propriety, or even mere common sense.

Last week a chick in Texas, shared nine seconds of herself being goaded by her boyfriend into opening the top of a Blue Bell ice cream container, licking the ice cream, then putting the container with lid-on back into the freezer at a Lufkin-area Walmart.

“Lick it, lick it. Oh, you foul. Put it back, put it back.” 

It’s not clear how the video got from the filming boyfriend to the Twitter account where it’s now been seen many millions of times, but in the realm of the entirely obvious question — how stupid are you?

Police got snapshots of the young woman licker both from the Twitter video itself and a Walmart store security camera, which also caught her boyfriend. Lufkin police began an immediate search for the pair, and now claim they have identified the woman in the video. They aren’t releasing her name yet until they also identify the boyfriend.

Technically speaking, it’s only the licker who’s on the hook. And in Texas, tampering with a food product for sale in a store carries a prison sentence of 2-20 years. It’s a charge more often associated with somebody poisoning or putting dangerous materials into food containers at stores to injure others, but suppose that foreign saliva of unknown idiot girl falls into that general category.

Have you seen these two ice cream licking food tamperers?

Now, you could say, I too was once young, or younger, and did stupid moronic stuff when hanging out with my friends or significant other (especially if drunk), I’m finding it hard to judge this girl harshly. That’s an idea swirling in my head.

Though you might follow that up by remembering whether your stupid pranks caused an entire company to go on red-alert, pull all their product from a store, and have to run a crisis management program for their brand to assure the public it was safe to eat. Okay, maybe mine did.

As with Jussie Smollett, the best outcome here would seem to be a very public apology by the woman in question, a concession that she was an idiot, and some decent number of hours cleaning up some nastier parts of Lufkin. I always feel public restrooms are the place to start with mop and sponge. Humility. It’s the only known cure for social media.

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