Sometimes I get an answer to problems nobody else can figure out and its the middle of the night and here I am to write it down before its lost. If we have all black cops than white cops can’t kill black gangsters any more and everybody can shut up. I know many black people including one who said he would be a cop if they let him so I think it won’t be hard to do. I’m so tired of people burning churches and animals stores because a guy they don’t even know got hit on the head by police and then they say it is racism and innocent people then get hurt or fat or both.

There won’t be any fires or other things burning if it’s always a black cop doing it. When I first thought of this I thought Casey that’s so simple it cant possibly work. But it could. I know nobody will take me seriously because of who I am or am not, but I hope somebody reads this and passes it along. For the world.