Blac Chyna Accused of Cheating and Extortion by Rob Kardashian

follow url Why not inaugurate a section on female celebrities behaving badly with an introduction to the thing that is Blac Chyna. The petite pro taking down sorely ego-deprived men of some means in Hollywood for some time now. Is it criminal to produce children with sad sack who buy you gifts and fund your lifestyle? Absolutely positively not. Is it unlawful to send your baby daddy taunting nude photos and sex videos of yourself with other men to celebrate the 4th of July? Not in America. Though the alleged drug use might be borderline investigation worthy given the presence of small children. Rob Kardashian, the last of the Kardashian male lineage, literally and figuratively, got himself so deep into depression and stress eating that he nearly killed himself. And whatever sanity and reason was left in his body. left with the medications. That made him susceptible to a woman like Blac Chyna. There’s blame on both sides. Being weak is not an excuse for horrible decision making. Like making a baby with a conniving woman simply because you’re sad and she promises to hurt your family for you. Though the sex with a stripper who ignores your moping obesity is probably worth something.

go Obviously, the magical anchor kid was produced, a fake reality show happened, and Rob Kardashian is too sorrowful and weak of spirit to play pretend like his more stalwart female family members. He’s been sharing naked photos of Blac Chyna on Instagram along with accusations of her being a horrible woman and mother, including drugs and extorting him for millions in luxury gifts. Though extortion is a harsh word when working with a man of such weak character and spinal column.

online accutane without prescription “This is a pic Chyna just send me before she fucked another man in her house with my baby in the house.”

follow site Blac Chyna rescued her dignity by firing back on Snapchat with allegations Rob Kardashian abused her and the children:

what is the price of accutane “Rob u did all this but u beat me up and try to act [like] it never happen !!!!. U put hand on me I swear on god !!!!! On my kids but I’m supposed to be quiet because you’re a Kardashian.” Blac Chyna since deleted the social media post with her allegations. Presumably after some legal scholar informed her that it’s okay to call somebody a cheating whore in public, but accusing them of being a felony domestic abuser is libelous. Crappy, dirty, violent relationships have always existed in domestic quarters. It’s only more recently we’ve celebrated the destruction via multi-platform viewing and financially rewarded the participants. If there wasn’t a baby or two or three involved in the mix, it would be more gladiator amusing and less antisocial pathological and abusive. You can only hope when they find these two in the bottom of their respective rivers, there are no kids in the car. Child Protective Services never steps into wealthy families who quietly mess up their children.

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