Mary Jo Smith, 47, would be the face of the War on Christmas if she wasn’t so festive herself when destroying an ex’s holiday display.

Mary’s ex, Alan McCutcheon, said he was busy putting together a Christmas lights display on the lawn of his Pennsylvania home when Mary Jo came cruising by in her Jeep. She shouted, “Merry Christmas!,” and then began driving all over his yard, tearing up the grass. Throughout this alleged attack, he said she was also blasting Christmas music on her car stereo.

Sad snowman. (Image: KDKA)
Sad snowman. (Image: KDKA)

Alan claimed that she also nearly hit him, his wife and his daughter, though was unsuccessful. She did manage to take out the family’s holiday decor, as well as damage the home and a nearby truck.

According to police: “The defendant arrived at (the McCutcheons’) home and drove her vehicle through their yard intentionally, striking a pool, pickup truck, the house, the above-ground pool and (the daughter’s) vehicle. The defendant drove at both (McCutcheons), nearly striking them. The victims escaped uninjured. After the defendant drove into (the daughter’s) vehicle, she got out of the vehicle and was restrained by (the daughter) until police arrived.”

Now before you think this is over some fresh wounds or an illicit affair, know that Alan said he hadn’t seen Mary Jo in about 5 years. But what she’s mad about is an incident that occurred 25 years ago. It seems like the holidays dredged up some old resentment, as they are wont to do.

Perhaps you will not be surprised to know she was charged with driving under the influence, in addition to a few other things. All in all, she did about $500 worth of damage.

 Image: Pennsylvania State Police